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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some more hexagon boxes

Here are a couple more of the hexagon boxes I made from Sarah Youdes pattern ( see link for her site in post below)

It is really easy to alter the height of box . The black and white one is 7 inches tall
Thanks for looking

you will notice that you can see the bottom part of the lid through the clear panel
I did have to remeasure for that but it came out ok anyway.

Added some Ghirardelli squares so you could see the size of the box

here is a close up of the top

This one came out much cleaner. The one above I had some issues with my adhesive.
Just a hint get your glue or atg tape right to the edge

Hexagon boxes

Good Morning to All,
Sorry I have not posted in a while. Life just gets so busy sometimes. My "baby" will be turning 15 shortly and we have been studying for the driver license exam. How did I ever pass this many many years ago. My sons tell me it was because the horse and carriages were easier to drive (they are not funny).
Anyway in between studying, Birthday party preparations, redecorating (he wants his room repainted and redone for his birthday) and getting ready for back to school not to mention the full time job outside of being wife and mother I managed to get inspired to make these cute boxes.
  I got the inspiration from Sarah Youde  I watched her tutorial and printed the pattern she has available on her blog. As much as I loved the exploding box I must always change things ( I don't know why my Mom says I have an illness cantleaveitaloneist or something. I added tabs to the wall panel and made the lid fit inside the box instead of  on the outside.

Please visit Sarah's blog she has wonderful creations and is a great source of inspiration.

I will be posting some others in a day or so that I made with clear panels. I am also working on a Design Studio pattern but the printable one on Sarah's blog is wonderful
Bye for now

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dr. Who call box

After several suggestions (and a little pushing from my brother and niece) I decided to make a Dr. Who Call Box for my Niece. I do not watch the show but thought I would give it a try.
Here is the result
Hope you enjoy
Just like on the Superman I used Design Studio and George and Basic Shapes. I did make the door closure with magnets this time however.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Store front cards

Here are a couple of "Store Front Cards I made recently.
They are pretty easy once you get the awning figured out. Anyway I made mine easel cards as well ( I love easel cards)

Hope you enjoy

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pencil box books

Hi Everybody,
I know two post one day the world may end but since I am on craftcation I am trying to craft and get some projects posted.

These are the end of the year Teachers gifts for my youngest son's teachers.(just finished 8th grade going on to High School). You would be surprised how teachers at that level never get a thank you. Anyway. Mom, my son and I worked on these for a week. They are really fun and are made from old fashion pencil boxes, and cardboard covered in many different types of paper,

spines of some of the books
contents (lots of chocolate and he already had straight A's
before we gave the teachers their Thank You's

history teacher
TV Production teacher and 6th grade science
(fav teacher probably of all time)

lang arts teacher
algebra teacher

science teacher
advanced reading teacher

technology teacher
P.E. teacher

Superman Phone booth

Good morning to blog land (or to myself as the case may be).
As I am on vacation this week (staycation in reality) I thought I would take the time to add a new post for anybody who might be out there surfing.
Mom and I played for a couple of hours yesterday trying to come up with a Birthday thing for the Youth Minister at our Church. He is a Superman fan so we decided to make Clark Kent changing into Superman in the phone booth.
The booth is 10" tall cut using simple rectangles from George(I love this cartridge)
Superman and Clark are cut at 8"
The background panel spins to reveal Clark and Superman as if he has changed his costume.
Side of phone booth

Front view of phone booth with door closed


Clark Kent

View from door with panel turned sideways
Hope you enjoy. We had a good time designing this and hope the Youth Minister likes it as well.