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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Finding my Crafting MoJo

Okay, I know it has been such and looooonnnng time since my last post.

Lots has happened in the last 18 months or so.......
I got a promotion at work that now keeps me very very very busy. My oldest has moved out on his own, which means the room shuffling kept us all busy.  My youngest moved into his brothers old room, I moved the craft room from the den to his old bedroom and my Dear Husband finally got the den/man cave back.
We then had a major leak in the kitchen which forced a total kitchen remodel. My hubby, son and I did all the work ourselves but it took weeks and weeks. I now have a beautiful kitchen that is leak free.

All that being said somewhere in work stress, the moving, the packing, the sorting, the painting and the remodel my crafting mojo got lost.
But I think I finally found it again. I think it was buried under the deck that was falling apart and we had to replace.
Here is one of the rebirth of my MOJO projects with more to come since my Hubby got me The New Cricut Explore (it will be here on March 18th)

This is a Slice of Wedding Cake box that I did as an example for a friend of my Moms who is getting married. If she likes it I think I might be in real trouble as she will want 75 (Thankfully Mom will be here to help).
I used the Cricut E2 and Tags Bags Boxes and More II and cut the cake at 9", 7" and 5"
The butterflies are Martha Stewart punches and the dripping icing is the Martha Stewart drippy goo punch
I will be posting a couple more projects this weekend