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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My E2 came today

The E2 that I won in the banner contest came via FedEx today. I had it shipped to my work as the weather here changes so much this time of year I did not want to take a chance of it getting rained on. (it rained all day today so good choice).
However when it came at work I wanted to go home and jokingly told my boss I was suddenly sick. He said I could go home but since I was soooooo ill that I could not work it would be a good idea for me to leave my "New Toy" in my office as carrying it to my car might put too much of a strain on me. Needless to say I stayed until 5.
Anyway here are pics of me opening the E2.

Mom's machine that she won in the banner contest came today as well. We are both so excited to play with them.

CE2 in it's box  So Pretty

Still in it's travel wear
All unwrapped and turned on. I love it
One more Big Thank you to Provo Craft for the chance to enter the banner contest and for choosing both mine and Mom's banners as winners

Sunday, October 2, 2011

3D Sneaker Box

Here is a 3D sneaker box that I made. I worked out the pattern on Design Studio last night, My brain comes up the these ideas and the most inconvenient times (like 11:30 at night when I go to lay down in bed) Anyway I cut it out and assembled it this morning. It needs a little tweaking to clean up the assembly but overall I am very please how it came together. I got the idea because Mom is always the High Heel Shoes with boxes in the heels and I thought why not make a paper sneaker.
I used the High tops from Paisley and various shapes from George.

Thanks for Looking.