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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Some New Projects

Wow, I feel like I am always behind on posting. I take the pics and think I will get that post tomorrow but then something else gets in the way.


There was a great turn out for Mom's "Senior Prom" the Evening in Paris theme went over great.

My hubby helped me redo my craft den (again) and I think I now have it where both Mom and can work and not feel like we are crawling over each other to get supplies

That being said. here are some pics of some of the projects I have done. I hope you like them.

1st up are some slider box cards I got the instructions from Split Coast Stampers

                                  Here are some beading/jewelry projects We have been doing.
             The pink set was given to a friend of Mom's grand daughter who is visiting from Australia
These you clip on your belt loops as jean jewelry

bracelet to match

                                                               Here is another Cowboy Hat.
     We have made quite a few of these they are super simple and fun. I used the 3D hats digi cart on CCR.
                                                      We finally got is sized to fit an adult head.

 And last but not least so butterflies made from paper flowers. I am sorry I can not remember who I got this idea from but it was on you tube. When I went back there were so many on there now that I could not find the original tutorial

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cowboy hat

I finally got the 3D Hats digital cart. Have been waiting on some of the CCR bugs to work themselves out.
Mom and I made the cowboy hat to give to a friend of hers.

It sort of fits a grown up head too.  Cut at the largest on a 12x12 is 10"

A little snug but it is a paper hat after all!!!!! Would be great for a child's party.  :)

It was a lot easier to assemble than I thought it would be.. we doubled up on the brim to make it a little sturdier and the "tabs" for the sides seem to be missing on the cut file so we made our own.
I think people will be getting hats from us for a while.

It was cut at 10"

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sorry for the Long Absence

Just wanted to find a minute to say sorry for not posting for such a long time. Life just gets in the way.
It has been busy busy busy around here. Redid the craft room and am now getting ready to work on Mom's
have been trying to do some yard work (it is so hot and only have the weekends to work on it) Plus trying to get things ready for Mom's "Senior Prom" with her dance club. (these people are just too much fun)
I will post pics soon.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tea Set

Here is the latest project that Mom and I have been working on. I could not find the Tags Bags Boxes and More II in my area so I worked out a teacup and saucer using George and Accent Essentials and design studio ( I finally found it this week but don't like the teacup on it). I then used Sweet Tooth boxes with a hand cut spout for the teapot. The spoons are from From My Kitchen and the butterflies are a MS punch
thanks for looking

Friday, March 2, 2012

Strawberry Festival Banner

One of Mom's "seniors groups"(they get together for a dance every week) has a car in the annual Strawberry Festival parade on Monday so we made a banner for the sides of the convertible. The pics are on the side of the minivan.
We used Hello Kitty, Cricut Classic Font, Tie the Knot and Old West.

Thanks for looking

Friday, February 24, 2012

Mom and I have been making the "Fairy Cages for friends and family here are some pics of the new ones.