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Saturday, December 3, 2011

boxer Rescue Project

Whew, I am finally finished with the Boxer Rescue Project. My Co-workers wife loved them and ended up keeping one set for herself.  The silent auction is next Sunday and they are going to let me know how much money we make for the organization.
The Hex box or Gazebo boxes are they are called in my house are cut by hand using the pattern in the post below.
I cut the sleigh from Winter Woodlands and 6" and hand cut the box to create a 4x6 box.
The front and back panels where 4 " pieces of paper that I curved around the front and back to make the sleigh look more realistic and not so "boxy"
The cards where cut using George and A Childs Year. They are luminary cards. Battery op candles are placed inside and they glow through the vellum.

Thanks for looking

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